Days of Architecture

Days of architecture represent one of the biggest events in the field of architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are conceived as an annual, multi-day festival which includes international and local architects’ lectures, exhibitions, discussions, movie projections and similar events related to
the subject of architecture, design, urbanism and spatial planning.

Days of architecture have been held for eleven times in a row until now (2008-2018) with over 120 different lecturers from 30 countries.

The first Days of architecture were marked by local architects’ lectures representing their work. A great attendance of the event marks its importance within the architectural community. The following year professors from other universities and academies held the lectures. Architects from Croatia attended the third Days of architecture event, representing the theme “Recent Croatian Architecture”, whereas the fourth annual event hosted Bosnian-Herzegovinian architects from abroad.

The subject “Grad(i)svijest” (literally translated as “The City and the Conscious”, but also “Build your Conscious”) was presented on the fourth Days of Architecture by means of lectures of different local and international architects. In the framing of the “Common space” subject, through experiences of the international practice, different approaches, methods and concepts for the city’s development were displayed, after which Days of Architecture followed, who not only verbally present the subject of “Action for common space”, but organize real-life initiatives and actions within the public space.

Days of Architecture 2015, with the subject of “Contemporary architecture of the region”, gather great regional names of the architectural scene. A festival character of the event is emphasized, with differing lectures on two stages, exhibitions, workshops, discussions and Pecha Kucha presentations. The opening was followed by a 3D mapping of the Historical museum building.

This format continues to evolve through the Days of Architecture 2016, where we explored the relationship between architecture and investment through the theme "Architecture beyond investment".