UTPS studio mobil @ SarajevoDays of Architecture

Studio mobil invites to a journey imagining a visionary city outdoor-laboratory. By touring the city, taking the streets, performing the session in front of the children theater in Sarajevo the studio mobil acts as a nomadic outdoor agora. As an alternative form of urban practice the station welcomes people to participate by (re)activating, collecting, and sharing knowledge about the City of Sarajevo. Presenting workshops, debates, and lectures around alternative spaces as the emerging theme that concerns all of us. Based on the idea of a gasoline station for the post-fossil age — perhaps one of the most iconic 20th-century purpose-built infrastructures — studio mobil provides 24/7 services and infrastructure, including shelter, light, a library, performances, informal encounters, market, and a continuous supply of food for thought, but without gasoline—in short, a large-scale mobile sculpture anchored in public space.

Additionally to the co-construction of the studio mobil station from the 14. – 21. September, the participants of the workshop will co-design and build/un-build the open-source table design by Enzo Marri which will be used as integral tool during the program of the studio mobil from the 07. – 10. September. The program of the activities of the studio mobil during the Sarajevo Architecture Days from the 17. – 18. September involve using the studio mobil for climatic data collection, engaging with citizens through interviews and surveys as well as the collective mental mapping of the city of Sarajevo. The outputs will inform the development of the ETH Zurich and UNSA joint project “UTPS – Urban Transformation Program Sarajevo”.

The participants of the workshop will be working together with a team of the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design from the ETH Zurich. After final completion of the Workshop the participants will receive a certificate.