17.09. - 19.09. SARAJEVO

In the last years, at the Days of Architecture, we went through the topics: Continuous Interior, Space of Freedom, Rethinking paradigms, and in 2020 we had to discuss the topic Default by Default. However, 2020/21 brings new rules, caused by the Covid 19 virus, where we are witnessing new provisions in public space, transport, rapid and accelerated digitalization, and the introduction of bans on movement, gathering… Everything we took for granted is no longer…

It is not the first time in history that infectious diseases are changing the rules, introducing transformations and improvements. Diseases such as plague, cholera or Spanish flu leave permanent traces and affect urbanism and design.

Whether the episode with Covid 19 will have such an impact and how much we can't know for sure, but we can talk about current changes and new scenarios. Hyper digitalization, changes in the education system, the way we do business and travel are just some of the most obvious transformations.

A time of crisis almost always brings new views. Is this an opportunity to restart? An opportunity for new approaches and, above all, an opportunity to make a cross-section in our own thinking-work and test established attitudes!