As a part of the Days of architecture 2019, a workshop called “Rethinking paradigms” will take place. Seven best teams from six countries, who were chosen during the Bauhaus 100 competition related to architectural-urban competition for the design of a square with a viewpoint at Sarajevo neighborhood of Ciglane, will participate. Forementioned projects offer specific solutions and respond to challenges of social sustainability, experimental space usage and giving new values to the existing ambiance.

The workshop will focus on today’s challenges of smart urban planning and integrated design, by marking the centennial of the establishment of one of the world’s most important architecture and fine arts schools – Bauhaus. What is today the focus and paradigm of architecture schools? What are the key topics of today’s architectural education and how can we affect the creation of healthy and sustainable cities? Is it necessary to change today's paradigm of construction from the aspect of energy efficiency? These are some of the questions we will deal with at the workshop, by using an exact location in Sarajevo to try to give answers. The workshop will be moderated by architects from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Norway.

The workshop is organized with the support of Goethe Institute, Municipality Centar Sarajevo, and partner of the project the Association of Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Location: Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: June 6, 2019, at 3 pm - 5 pm