Exhibition Bauhaus 100

Architectural – urban competiton for conceptual idea of a square with viewpoint Ciglane, Sarajevo

The exhibition contains 20 proposals from  the competition for young architects, designers, students and other in related fields below 35 years of age. Winners will be announced and presented during the Days of architecture, supported by Goethe institute, Association of architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Municipality Center, Sarajevo.

Due to the complex structure system and special construction conditions, this big residential block was built in the end of ‘80s. Since there are apartments at the top of the structure and there is a significant height difference, a sloping elevator was installed, which is under reconstruction now. The elevator is in function, again, from 2019. Competition task includes the design of the elevator zone and the “Belvedere Selman Selmanagić” viewpoint installation at the final elevator stop.

The project task predicts construction of a square with a viewpoint, in Ciglane neighbourhood in Sarajevo. Main goal of a project task is an activation of urban micro-location and supplement to the existing square and pedestrian zone system.

bauhaus imaginista

Goethe Institute Traveling Exhibition

Featuring an exhibition structure conceived by Luca Frei

bauhaus imaginista is a major international project that marks the school’s centenary. The aim of bauhaus imaginista is to rethink the school from a global perspective, and to read its entanglements against a century of geopolitical change. Three chapters of a major exhibition will variously travel in 2018 to Hangzhou, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Kyoto and Delhi culminating in a major exhibition at the House of World Cultures (HKW) in 2019.

In order to bring this project to a wider network of Goethe Institutes not able to mount the full show, the bauhaus imaginista curators have conceived a smaller exhibition, which will be available to tour Goethe Institutes internationally. The overall project bauhaus imaginista departs from 4 Gegenstande, key objects from Bauhaus history used to explore different themes linked to the school. These gegenstande include the Bauhaus Manifesto by Walter Gropius (1919) ein bauhaus film collage by Marcel Breuer (1926) Carpet a drawing by Paul Klee (1927) Reflektorisches Lichstpiel by Kurt Schwerdfeger’s (1922) (film). 

For the bauhaus imaginista touring exhibition, the artist Luca Frei has been commissioned to design a structure, which is part sculpture part exhibition architecture, that will function as a reading space within which visitors can engage with bauhaus imaginista. Central to this will be a computer terminal where people can browse the bauhaus imaginista online journal, print out visual and textual material and compile it in folders provided.

bauhaus imaginista is a common project by the Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar, Goethe-Institut and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Cultural Foundation, on occasion of the centenary ‘100 years of bauhaus’.

Josef Albers | Black Mountain College student in costume for Valentine’s Day Ball, 1940

Reflecting Color-Light-Play, 1922 | Reconstructed apparatus 2016

Kurt Schwerdtfeger, University of Ife in Ile-Ife, Nigeria | Architects: Arieh Sharon, Eldar Sharon