| DA2019 COMPETITION – We invite all young architects, designers, students and others in related fields below 35 years of age, to participate in this year's international competition, whose participants and winners will be announced and presented during the Days of architecture, supported by Goethe Institute, Association of architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Municipality Center, Sarajevo. The project task predicts construction of a square with a viewpoint, in Ciglane neighborhood in Sarajevo. The main goal of a project task is activation of urban micro-location and supplement to the existing square and pedestrian zone system.

All interested participants should register for a competition at info@daniarhitekture.ba, by April 15th, 2019. Participation is free. After the registration, participants will receive their registration confirmation and complete competition material.

Final projects have to be submitted by May 5th at 23:59h. Total award fund is 3.000 €. 

All additional and more detailed information can be found at www.daniarhitekture.ba/media/2155/da2019_bauhaus100-eng.pdf.  

DA2019 COMPETITION - Seven best works that we received, related to the design of a square with a viewpoint at Sarajevo neighborhood of Ciglane. The winner will be announced after the presentation at the Days of architecture. Congratulations to the winning authors, and thanks to all participants!

- “Ćilim”, Authors: Bojana Jerković-Babović, Anastasija Simović, Branko Gulan, Belgrade, Serbia 
- “Selman Selmanagic’s living room”, Authors: Milica Simić, Nura Šehović, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina 
- “Belvedere Selman Selmanagić”, Authors: Filip Drndarević, Graz, Austria; Ioanna Chatzikonstantinou, Thessaloniki, Greece 
- “TERASA za SVE”, Authors: Melika Konjičanin, Visoko, Almedina Hamzić, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina 
- “Sarajehaus”, Authors: Max Théréné, France; 
- “TRG SELMANA SELMANAGIĆA”, Authors: Adna Babahmetović, Ajna Babahmetović, Zenica, Bosnia&Herzegovina 
- “CRVENA PIKA”, Authors: Merima Tica, Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina; Maša Čelebić, Podgorica, Montenegro; Vladimir Lutovac, Berane, Montenegro.