Children's workshop



What are the areas of the future when it comes to playgrounds? Is the virtual game present and future of a child's game? Is urban space still necessary for play and socialization?

Through the quest for treasure together with the children we are also looking for answers to these questions. Workshop represents a continuous game through time (and space). From the games, as they were once played, up to today's 'game from the school yard' and ultimately the virtual games of the future, we are constantly playing with the question of the importance of urban space and playgrounds for the new generation of children .

Age of the children: 6 do 12 godina
When: 18. maj 2017. godine, 16:00 h
Location: Zemaljski muzej BiH
Duration: 16:00h – 19:00h
Workshop moderators: architects Senka i Irma


Radionica - Kontinuirana Kolaboracija u BIM-u

Organizer: Days of Architecture and Walter

Topic: Continuous collaboration in BIM / collaboration / coordination / revision of BIM models

Moderator: Zarko Glisic - Walter

Contact person on behalf of the organizers: Mersiha Karic (

Participants of the workshop: Students and engineers (16 participants)

Duration of the workshop and place of event: 3h, BIMBOX Walter Building 'Light'

BIM Model: Mseno House




Groups at the workshop:

BIM technologies are perhaps the most discussed topic in the world of engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Organized by the Days of architecture and in partnership with Walter, in the context of the Days of Architecture 2017, a workshop with interactive character titled “Continuous Collaboration in BIM”, will be held on 05/18/2017. The workshop includes simultaneous work of 4 groups on development of an individual residential building BIM model. The purpose of the workshop is education in REVIT and practical introduction to the benefits of BIM technologies.