Pecha kucha

Pecha Kucha has been a constituent part of Days of Architecture since 2015, and is primarily intended to be an event in which students can present their recent work. This year, apart from students, the event facilitates young professional architects up to age 35.

Within the Pecha Kucha event during Days of Architecture 2017, candidates who have been chosen in the Days of Architecture Competition will have a chance to present their projects. Students and young professional architects have been invited to respond to this years’ Days of Architecture theme, “Continuous Interior”, and show the way they perceive the present and the future. 28 contestants from 8 countries have applied with their work, and the jury of expertise consisted of Idis Turato, Tadej Glažar, Ana Dana Beroš and Gorica Mehić have selected 8 of the best projects. At this years’ Pecha Kucha, you can see their perception of the world we live in today and the world that awaits us. According to the jury, awarded contestants are:

1. Prošlost nas ne zanima, author: Dragan Strunjaš / Srbija
2. Villa Roza, author: Lana Stojićević / Hrvatska
3. A-casa, authors: Alexandra Berdan, Adriana Gheorghiescu, Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu, Oana Codru, Ramona Costea, Oana Frunză / Rumunija
4. Bad terri(s)tories, author: Nataša Janković / Srbija
5. Telearhitektura, author: Vanda Trifunović / Hrvatska
6. Haliç Tersanesi, author: Zerina Džubur /Austrija
7. Paleotopija 2016, author: Filip Pračić / Hrvatska
8. Piramide u Gizi, author: Bruno Lang-Kosič, Iva Mandurić, Lea Mioković, Vili Rakita / Hrvatska

The rule of Pecha Kucha presentations is: 20 images x 20 seconds, which means that ideas are presented in the form of a slide show in which every one of the 20 slides is being shown for 20 seconds. This makes the presentation time-limited, and therefore dynamic and interesting.