Exhibition 'Continuous interior'

Through a series of workshops and research panels, “LIFT - spatial initiatives” organization and the “Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, have examined the best practices, found intriguing ideas, discovered unknown desires and hidden features of Continuous Interior generated on European territory from Switzerland in the north to Turkey in the south.

The fruit of research and thematic workshops that were organized during March and April in Sarajevo and Rijeka serve as a basis for the thematic exhibition titled “Continuous interior”, which will be placed in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.


Continuous interior

The global world has expanded and interconnected through its various policies, ecologies, economies and infrastructure networks, in a specific and unprecedented structure of rural and suburban landscapes, at a national, international, and continental basis.
Within such relations the classic village and rural development disappears, cities lose their distinctive forms, energy infrastructures and digital cultures connect people and territory in a continuous architecture.
Moć i kontrola izmješteni su iz lokalnog i fizičkog prostora u virtuelno i nematerijalno. Snažni mediji, ekonomije, BIG data, te njihova moć i uticaj postali su lebdeći i neuhvatljivi.
Power and control are transferred from local and physical in the virtual and immaterial space. Powerful media, economy, BIG data, and their power and influence have become hovering and elusive.
Comfort, security, "smart", sustainable development and their control have fully conditioned spaces around us. We live in a space of continuous interior.