Architectural media

ArhiLektura: Influence of architectural magazine on profession

The magazine is a traditional medium for architecture, where graphics and aesthetics of the information displayed are equally important as the written word. In our region, which consists of a number of countries, we have a disproportionately small number of architectural media of any kind, and even fewer of those who have an impact on the profession itself. This gathering aims to present, mutually introduce and to connect architectural media throughout the region, to achieve better communication and dissemination of information as well as to attempt to reveal some of the problems in the practical and theoretical activity in the field through discussion.

Moderator: Nikola Zic


1. Tristotrojka, Sarajevo, časopis
2. Oris, Zagreb, časopis
3. Praznine, Ljubljana, časopis
4. Superprostor, Beograd, on-line portal
5. Gradio, Podgorica, blog/podcast/radio
6. Architectural Approach, Novi Sad, časopis
7. Most, Banjaluka, časopis