Days of Architecture DA 2015

In a time when all the headlines are being grabbed by the architecture of the West, this year's Days of Architecture mainly provide a focus on the contemporary trends of Southeast and Middle Europe.

The finest indicators of the present world’s opportunities and the future’s potentials can be noticed in young architects, whose resistance to social influences leads to outstanding contemporary architectural accomplishments.

Apart from young Bosnian-Herzegovinian architects, architects of a narrower and wider region are additionally being invited, for the purpose of exchanging ideas in a firmer and more quality sense. Although geographically close, countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic differ in the stage of development due to various societal factors. 

The young invited architects are going to present themselves through their works and experiences of the surrounding they affect and come from. How do they cope with the present market? In which way does a single exceptional architectural modern achievement impact the milieu in which it originates? What changes can it induce and how does the surrounding accept it?

We invite you to join us in the collective endeavour of providing the answers to these questions. By means of a mutual discussion the aim of reaching conclusions and guidelines for a further development of the regional architectural scene is to be achieved.

Days of Architecture history : http://www.daniarhitekture.ba/_old/media/DA080910111213.pdf

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